MLI Conversations 2017-2018
We are pleased to announce the next iteration of the MLI: our MLI Online Conversations Series. Our goal for the series is to highlight the great work being done by teachers across the country in the areas of design, maker and entrepreneurship education, as well as innovative teaching and learning.

The Conversations are typically scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month and will run from 7:00-8:00 p.m. EST. Instead of a one hour online presentation followed by Q&A, the MLI Conversation will feature a brief overview of an educator’s work in making, design, or entrepreneurship, followed by a robust conversation and discussion.

The general schedule for each conversation is as follows:
Introductions (2 minutes)
Project or Program Overview (10 minutes)
Conversation with moderator Don Buckley (30 minutes)
Audience Q&A (10 minutes)

Previous Conversations:

April 4, 2018
Replicate, Realize, or Revamp
The sheer magnitude of the countless ways one might apply Maker Education to enrich student learning experiences can be overwhelming for educators. In this conversation, learn about three perspectives that might help educators keep their learning objectives in focus as they design integrated maker experiences for their classrooms. 
Presented by:
Dorothy Lee, Director of the CREATE School at Windward School, Los Angeles, CA

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March 14, 2018
Discovering Innovation Mindsets
Let's discuss the pedagogy behind Scarsdale High School's new STEAM program. A three-level sequence, the program is designed to scaffold both students' skills and mindsets in order to create student agency. We'll review exemplar student projects and curriculum, as well as how to build an innovation mindset in your students.
Presented by:
Lisa Yokana, Scarsdale High School

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February 7, 2018
Design Thinking in a Middle School Art Class
The design thinking method creates the structure for students to work collaboratively on research, prototyping, and looking critically at complex real world issues. This method gives the students practice in identifying and defining design problems for additional industrial lessons in my course. I will share some of the students’ processes and outcomes.
Presented by:
Lorna LaRiviere, Middle School Art Coordinator, Brunswick School

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January 10, 2018

Humanities in a School Makerspace
Makerspaces are often associated with STEM, but Harpeth Hall embraces humanities in their school's makerspace. Attend this conversation to learn more about English, geography, history, reading, and other humanities projects at the middle and high school level.
Presented by:
Molly Rumsey, Director of Information Services, Harpeth Hall
Caitlin McLemore, Academic Technology Specialist, Harpeth Hall

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